Wholegrain Organics

Wholegrain Organics

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In a tiny corner of Kimbolton you will find a dedicated, passionate team of bakers and kitchen staff who create Organic healthy food for their community and their families preschool with an emphasis on nature and healthy eating. They also have a food truck at the Fielding markets on Friday where you can buy their handmade stone oven baked breads and pizza, pasta, muesli and nut butters.

Wholegrain Organics are a non-profit organisation with the aim of providing good quality food at affordable prices, available for everyone. They operate under the auspices of the Sabbath Rest Advent Church, a registered charity.

You can buy the following products (and so much more!) online:

Organic Rice & Buckwheat Loaf (750g) $9
Organic Whole Wheat Loaf (775g) $5.50
Organic Stone Oven Rye with Caraway $4
Organic Sourdough Rye Bread (950g) $8

Nut Butters
Organic Cashew Butter (180g) $10
Organic Almond Butter (180g) $10
Organic Roasted Hazelnut Butter (180g) $10

Oat Muesli (500g) $9.50
Organic Coconut Muesli (500g) $10.50
Amaranth Muesli (300g) $11.50

Pasta and Pizza
Organic Rye Rotini (500g) $6.50
Organic Wheat Spaghetti (250g) $3.50
Organic Wheat Conchiglie (500g) $5.50
Organic Wheat Radiatori (500g) $5.50
Organic 24cm Pizza Base (180g) $3.50

Oat Crackers (250g) $8.50

Delivery Information
Orders are shipped Tuesdays and Thursdays (check the website for full information re: deadlines and costs) or
Picking up Your Order from the Market
The food truck is at the Fielding Farmer’s Market every Friday from 8am to 2pm and Palmerston north on Tuesdays from 11am – 4pm