Thoroughbread Foods

Thoroughbread Foods

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Thoroughbread is a family based business that aims to make gluten free bread and other gluten free products as much like wheat bread and wheat products as possible.

Rebecca makes wonderful gluten free bread (Natural, Honey and Corn, Carrot and Fennel, Olive and Rosemary and Sourdough to name a few!), hamburger buns and pizza bases. Her reputation is based on three requirements that she considers important to her in a loaf of gluten free bread.

The bread would have to:
* taste like real food and be made with real food
* be nutritious
* have good texture and usability

She has mastered a fantastic gluten free product range, which you can now pre-order online and pickup at one of the markets she regularly attends.

Thoroughbread's bread is made with all natural ingredients and are are still hand milled

Thoroughbread bread makes the makes the best gluten free bread for sandwiches