Sones’s Sauces and Thai Cuisine

Sones’s Sauces and Thai Cuisine

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Sone’s Sauces have been gracing a number of close family and friends tables for quite some time in the Kapiti region. Now, in her brand new home commercial kitchen she is ready to take her exceptional sauces nationwide!

You can find Sone’s Sauces and Thai Cuisine at the Paraparaumu Markets regularly or now you can order online and have it sent to you. Sone also provides catering services, and takes regular orders for meals which can be delivered/picked up on a weekly basis.

Sone’s Salad Sauce $12 – is a versatile sauce that will gently spice up your salads or you can use it as a marindade for pork, prawns or chicken.

Sone’s Satay Sauce $12 – is a great sauce to have in your cupboard to use as a sauce with meat and veges to be served with rice or noodles, or it is great as it is to be used as a dip for raw veg as a snack.

Alongside her sauces, she also cooks up a storm on Wednesdays and Fridays and you can choose from an ever-changing menu for a quick and easy meal when you do not feeling like cooking at home.

Sone’s Ready Meals $12
Options are usually a mix of the following ready meals:
Thai Red or Green Curry
Chicken or Prawn Pad Thai
Thai Beef or Chicken Salad
Marinated Pork Belly on Noodles or Fried Rice
Satay Meatballs on Broccoli Florets
Stir-fry Chicken and Vegetables with Cashews
Spring Rolls with Satay Sauce
Smoked Salmon or Chicken Sushi
Vietnamese Summer Rolls with dipping sauce

Please check out Sone’s Sauces and Thai Cuisine Facebook page for what Sone is cooking and when.