Malmo’s Sweet Chilli Sauce

Malmo’s Sweet Chilli Sauce

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Established in 2014, Malmo’s range of homegrown delights is made with love in the beautiful Horowhenua district. Over 100 acres of prime farmland is cultivated with nurturing hands to grow 100% NZ garlic, chillies and other high quality produce.

Malmo’s Sweet Chilli Sauce is produced with the finest and freshest ingredients from our farm in the Horowhenua heartlands, this savoury sweet blend of aromatic spices is a popular all-purpose sauce you can use for a variety of different cuisines.

Order now for deliveries straight to your door and taste the difference with Malmo’s homegrown culinary delights.

Malmo’s Sweet Chilli Sauce – sugar, salt, raw garlic, vinegar and red raw chilli. No preservatives, gluten-free, low in sodium and 100% NZ made. $9.50 per 325g

Malmo's Sweet Chilli Sauce