Jonny Ocean Trading – Suppliers of World famous Kampot Pepper and Spice

Jonny Ocean Trading – Suppliers of World famous Kampot Pepper and Spice

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Jonny Ocean Trading or J.O.T is a New Zealand based, family business established in 2015. We love to travel in Southeast Asia and in the last few years, Cambodia has become a favourite destination. We love the country and more importantly the people who, even with their torrid history, are friendly and hardworking.

Cambodia’s famous Kampot Pepper, secreted away during the murderous Pol Pot regime, is internationally recognised by chefs as the ‘champagne’ of peppers.

In our business transactions we specifically deal with Khmer family businesses to ensure our money stays in their community. We hope one day to be able to help improve their education and standard of living.

The Kampot Peppercorns are geologically certified (protected geographical indication) and the local area’s pepper-perfect microclimate offers mineral-rich soil and frequent rainfall. Kampot pepper is organic and eco certified. The ancient harvesting and processing methods have been handed down through the generations and add to the amazing aromatic flavours.

We hope you enjoy this rare special spice as much as we do… and also the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you are helping our third world families.

“It’s got a floral dimension that’s really something special.”
Anthony Bourdain, chef and travel-show host (

You can find Jonny Ocean Trading at the Waikanae Markets on Saturdays, and at Te Horo Country Market every 1st, Sunday of each month.

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