Blackbird Valley Gourmet

Blackbird Valley Gourmet

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We are a farm that grows seasonal fruits and vegetables but specialize in hot chili varieties, curry leaf, lemongrass and vietnamese mint. On the farm we have free range Muscovy ducks and provide seasonal duck eggs to locals.

Habanero Jelly $8.00 A blend of home-grown Habanero chillies and home-grown garlic makes this sweet/sour jelly pack a punch.  Perfect lift to any dish.

Island Fire $8.00 Scotch bonnet chillies are mixed with a host of spices and fruit to create this wonderfully hot mustard that flavours up just about anything!

Serve it with corned beef or BBQ and feel that heat.

Spicy Harissa  $10.00 A traditional North African recipe – this version is modified to provide more flexibility in preparation.  It is a dry blend of chilli flakes and spices can only be prepared into a traditional harissa but it can also be used as is on anything from scrambled eggs to pizza.  Use a little or a lot depending on your tolerance – delicious flavour with just the right heat.

Spicy Harissa