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Frequently asked Foodie Questions:

Questions, already asked by some of our current foodie community members, are listed below. If you cannot find the answer to your own question/s, just flick us an e-mail HERE and we’ll give you an answer as promptly as possible.

If my food category already has been selected by other foodies can I still join?

We will limit the amount of the same food categories to geographical regions, so there is a fair amount of business generated for all foodies selling on ‘My Home Foodie.’ (As an example, in the Stoke area of Nelson we may only allow two cup cake suppliers, but if there are no party cake foodies registered in Stoke, then this may be an alternative category for you to consider)

What if I am too busy with orders or I’m going on holidays?

We can place a banner on your on-line foodie site, stating: “my kitchen is full” or “I’m hanging up my apron between December 20th and January 14th. Please contact me after this period.” You will not be charged for the weeks your banner is in place.

How do I take payments for my foodie produce or creations?

When you register to become part of our online foodie community on My Home Foodie we will provide you with a welcome pack which will assist you in pricing your products, and also an invoice template to use once you have taken orders from customers. Most of your foodie colleagues on ‘My Home Foodie’ ask their customers to pay by bank transfers or with cash if they’ve arranged delivery or collection. You’re responsible for organising the transaction details between you and your customers, to best suit yourselves.

Do I have to deliver my food to the customers?

Again, this part of the transaction is organised by you with your customers. They may well be happy to collect the food from you, but if you choose to deliver, it’s imperative all food be delivered according to Food Health and Safety regulations – taking into account safe temperature requirements, hygienic packaging and safe food handling for transit.

Why should I list my products on the My Home Foodie Website – what are the benefits?

We will promote the My Home Foodie Website through social media, radio and print to attract customers to the website looking for home grown, low food miles, great tasting food. Customers will be attracted to the variety of products on the website that they can purchase locally supporting someone who loves and cares about the quality of the food they eat. The membership fees will allow us to promote the website and individual foodies who are not able to invest in marketing due to the high cost.

How do we monitor traffic to the website?

We use google analytics to monitor web traffic and our regional managers (foodie gurus) will have access to this information to share with our foodie members.

If I have never made food to sell before how do I find out about regulations?

Our regional managers (foodie gurus) will provide our foodie members with the links to local council regulations, food safety regulations and requirements, a list of registered kitchens for hire locally should you need them – these are often in sports clubs, churches and community halls. It’s fun to get a group of like minded foodies together and hire the kitchen for the day, share the cost and have some fun creating beautiful food together.