Become a Foodie…

Become a Foodie…


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How it Works:

Are you passionate about the produce you grow and the ever-so-edible creations you proudly share with your friends and family

Would you like to share the great food you create with others in your local community?

If you’re more comfortable brandishing an electric beater or donning gardening gloves, than crunching numbers and trying to figure out how to take your FOODIE talent to the community – other than doing the Farmers’ Market circuits in all weathers – ‘My Home Foodie’ is exactly where you should be.

That’s because it’s the same place your local, food-loving, event-organising customers are coming to find the great foods. They’re looking for YOU and what you do best, they want to support the local community and would rather buy great locally produced food made with love and care than to go to the supermarket. Creative foodies, like you, now have the option to use the My Home Foodie website to feature your products

It’s convenient and you can control how much business you want to take on and how many products you want to list. You have the choice of changing your products whenever you want as seasonal produce changes

‘My Home Foodie’ also takes away the stress and expense of advertising to promote what you do. You don’t need a website, business cards, flyers as we will look after the website and promote your own My Home Foodie Web page to your customers, we will utilise social media, radio and print advertising to drive customers to your web page and generate business for you

This website is an on-line Farmers’ Market; a great variety of cyber-market-stalls, lined up and ready to sell – with an ‘open, all hours’ advantage. Imagine waking on any given morning to find people have placed food or produce orders with you, while you were sleeping!

Become a Foodie by simply filling out the form below with your details and a couple of enticing paragraphs, describing your product, pricing and delivery options. Attach some great photographs that best show off your product to potential customers.

We’ll be in touch to talk you through getting featured on the ‘My Home Foodie’ website. Don’t worry about the technical stuff – we take care of uploading your foodie page. We will also provide you with a welcome aboard pack which includes a costing template to help you cost your products, invoice template to give to your customers, a list of registered kitchens in your local area should you need to use them – often they are in local schools, churches or community halls and its great to get a group of foodies together for a fun day of food creating. We will also give you a link to Food Safety and Council regulations in your area.

‘My Home Foodie’ produce-growing foodies then pay $3-a-week to be listed on our website and kitchen/chef/baker foodies pay $5-a-week. We will use your fees to get lovers of great food to come to your foodie page, where you’ll then have direct contact with one another. We have special deals for monthly, quarterly and annual memberships which we will happily discuss with you when we receive your contact details

Quite possibly, you’ll build an on-going business relationship as one of the ‘go to’ favourite foodies and who knows this could be the start of your foodie dream!

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    Please note - you will need to have ownership of all the images you upload or permission to use them - or they will need to be be 'public domain' i.e. not copyrighted.
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  • This image is displayed on the right hand side of your listing in portrait. Minimum width is 300px, ideal width 600px.
  • If you have any problems with the form such as uploading images, let us know here or on the contact page. Including details like what exactly is happening, file size & type, and any error messages will help us diagnose the issue. Thank you.
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