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New Zealand Online Food Marketplace

Our Vision

Hello and welcome from Carol and Jan – we’re passionate foodies who have worked in the food industry in New Zealand and Australia our entire working lives.

As like-minded, enthusiastic foodies, our vision is to grow an online community that connects everyday gourmets (home-foodies) with local produce growers and creative souls who can readily fill orders for specialty items, such as special occasion cakes, or help you cater for a special event, maybe it’s just to provide your time poor neighbours with some home cooked meals a couple of times a week.

We promote sustainable, ‘low food-mile’ options for consumers and help our creative and green-thumbed members generate additional income.

We warmly invite you to get involved in the community on ‘My Home Foodie’ – either to find the great foods you love for your family or an event, or to boost your income by bringing your own creative cuisine or produce to this on-line Farmers’ Market.

Check our directory of home-foodies and their very tempting fare by searching your local region, our aim to expand “My Home Foodie” to all regions of New Zealand

If you’re a potential home-foodie, producing fresh produce or creative cuisine, or just love to share great food – find out how to create your own cyber-market stall, right here on ‘My Home Foodie.’ Go to our Become a Foodie Page to get more details or fill in our Contact Us Page and we will get in touch with you

The size of your food business doesn’t matter you could be just growing great tomatoes and want to sell them to your neighbours or you could make the best lasagne in New Zealand and want to share beautiful home made food in your community – just the love of food is the only requirement to be on “My Home Foodie”

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Thank you for your interest, and welcome to the ‘My Home Foodie’ community.

Bon appétit! – from Carol and Jan.