Newflands Healthy Pets Happy People

Newflands Healthy Pets Happy People


Newflands Hoki oil is a human grade oil which is sustainably fished of the coast of NZ.

When you buy it you know you are getting exactly what the label says as it is all NZ made right down to the packaging along with helping you help the environment.  It has a higher EPA and DHA level than other oils. It helps with shiny glossy coats, heart and joint support, arthritis,skin issues and allergies.We also use it in our Health treats along with Manuka honey.

Newflands Omega-I was chosen as one of 5 finalists out of hundreds world wide in the Global awards held in La Vegas recently it is even better than krill as it has Astaxanthin which is what they harvest the krill for in the product- it is an Algae and grown indoors under strict conditions here in New Zealand as well, so not taking the penguins and Baleen whales food source but helping you with top quality products and your pets to support the recovery of our oceans.

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